Brain Stormer

Brain Stormer

Brain Stormer

A quiz competition held per year on the event of Anazori.

VENUE: Indira Miri Conference Hall, DU
Time: 11 AM 5th Oct 2018

Coordinators: 1. Dipankar Sarkar(8876107110)

2. Debajeet Mazumdar(8638477380)

Criteria for quiz competition (BRIANSTROMER) for ANAZORI 2K18

Theme: Question may arise from a wide variety of topics

Important Notes:

  • There are no age restrictions everyone can participate
  • A participant can enter the competition solo or they can form a group
  • Every group can have a maximum of two members
  • Mobile phones are not allowed during the time of the competition
  • Participants can either register here on the website or they can register at the venue
  • Registration fee will be collected on the day of the competition

Registration fee: 100

Registration Time:  Before 10:30 AM on 5th October 2018

Prize Money: To be declare.

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