Search and Scan

Search and Scan

Search and Scan

A Treasure hunt competition. The most participating competition ever..

Criteria for Search & Scan (TREASURE HUNT)in ANAZORI 2K18

Important INFO:

  • Spot registration from 9am at Bishnu Rabha Ranga Mancha on 6th October
  • Pre-registration can be done through event coordinator
  • 4 members mandatory
  • Prizes will be distributed on the same day

Rules :

  • No vehicles and electronic communication devices are not allowed
  • At the start of the game clue will be provided to each teams and have to find the location of the clue to proceed for the next clue until the final clue.
  • No discussion is allowed between different teams.
  • If any team found obstructing the rules then that team will be disqualified.

Registration Fees: 200

Prize Money:

  • 1st prize : 2000
  • 2ndprize : 1500

Coordinators: 1. Prantu Saikia(8876009850)

2. Rupam Sharma(8876218834)

Prize: Prize to be declared Soon!

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